Crystal boomerang (eventually?)


For the past year, trade along the Western Coast
has suffered from the attacks of a goblin pirate
known as Captain Slygo. Fisherfolk have been particularly
hard-hit by Captain Slygo and his ship, the
Red Cutter. Of late, however, Slygo’s piracy has moved
from high-seas robbery to maritime murder, and the
adventurers are called on to settle the score.

The latest outrage occurred when the seafaring
goblins raided the town of Mastwick two weeks
ago, making off with everything they could carry and
killing many people.

Enough is enough, and the council of Mastwick is
now calling out for heroes to wipe out the pirates. The
council can loan a small vessel to the adventurers,
crewed by local mariners willing to serve in exchange
for a cut in any treasure recovered from Slygo’s hoard.



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